Multipoint Locks

Multipoint locks are probably the most common in use in the UK today, fitted to most new build properties whether on uPVC or wooden doors. In most cases if it has 3 locking points it will conform to your insurance company needs, although different companies may require different specifications and you should check your individual policy.

These locks can be fragile and if you're having trouble lifting the handles to lock it, it is worth getting Andy Stott Locksmiths to come and service it. They can have some quite fragile easily broken parts, leading to large bills if they fail, especially when locked.

Also as time goes by they are starting to become more standardized but there is still a large number of different makes, and even types within makes, variations of hooks, deadbolts, rollers and mushrooms. Andy Stott Locksmiths keep a large range of the more common different types and makes in stock, but as one of my wholesalers stocks 164 different types it is not possible to keep all in stock.

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